Not so much a Product of the Month for January, more a range of products aimed at the Fitness industry.  The reason for that is because traditionally, lots of people will make a New Year resolution to get fit, lose weight, take up a hobby or just get more active, starting in January. Which means that the fitness industry usually gets a few more new customers signing up in January, than in other months.

Ladies Workout T Shirt & Leggings

This is for every yoga teacher, gym owner, fitness instructor, personal trainer and dance or gymnastics school, that would like their own branded gear to be able to offer their new customers.

Having your own range of activewear to sell is a great revenue source as well as a great marketing tool, but the financial outlay of buying stock in bulk up front can be a bit daunting.  Or maybe you don’t have the space to sell it from or to store it.  Or perhaps you just don’t have the time to spend taking orders, giving details of sizes and organising a bulk purchase.  We can make that easier for you too, just get in touch & we can show you some options

Keep an eye out for an article coming later in the month, on the specific subject of marketing & branding for the fitness industry too.   

As for the clothing available, there are so many options for training and workout gear,  there is sure to be a product range to suit every type of customer. There are modern & trendy styles, bright fashion colours and prints, a wide range of sizes for children & adults and all in the technical and performance fabrics that allow your clients to stay cool, as well as look cool!   People come in all shapes & sizes too and there is plenty of workout clothing that everybody awill be happy to train in.  Check out just some of the styles from a brand called Tri Dri - This is their brochure Here

Activewear zip Tops

For some, the workout uniform will always be a t-shirt and there are many styles and colours available now and in lightweight, quick-drying, stretch and wicking fabrics.  Here are some of my favourites:-

 Training T-Shirts and activewear

You can choose to use a recognised sports brand for your customers and personalise with your brand logo as well.  Or there are many inexpensive non-branded ranges that can be personalised & customised just with your details.  They are excellent quality, stylish, offer great value for money and allow maybe a little more profit for you as the Brand owner.

You could just have your own logo or have a customised product range for a specific Bootcamp, event or challenge too. If you are arranging an event for charity, selling customised t-shirts and gifts is a fabulous fundraising idea, that allows your Brand to be seen too. 

Our online store set up is a supply to order platform, which enables products to be available for sale, without any stock having to be purchased – like this one from our store owner Women Gone Strong.  Click Here

Women Gone Strong T Shirt


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