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You can set your own store up or we can do it for you.  You can see the details of what is available in each of our store set up packages.  Take a look through the product catalogue for some inspiration too.   Don't forget though, that if you need something specific to be stocked in your shop, just let us know.   Our catalogue here is really just a starting point

Starter Shop
Premium Shop
Enterprise Shop

The Starter Shop is absolutely perfect for any club, group, organisation or charity, no matter how big or small. With enough product options, this is ideal as a supporters shop that can be run alongside any club kit merchandise deals that may be in place for players.  It is also great for a specific fundraiser, event or for club tour merchandise

Very popular with PTA's and school groups 

The Premium package has been put together with clubs and groups that may have a larger membership.  It offers many attributes that may suit an amateur sports club facility.  With this store set up, there is the additional support for playing kit sourcing and ordering, additional products and even the facility for members to create their own personalised items.

The Enterprise Shop is a bespoke package that will be tailored for your needs, to ensure that your organisation has all the support needed to have a successful and profitable online store.  Not only with the products and design of the website itself, but also with the integration and marketing support, that is available

See A Sample Shop Here

Any type of group, organisation, team, club or charity, can make use of the MyClubStuff online store facility, no matter how large or small. If you are unsure just give us a call and we will be happy to talk it through with you.   

 - no more hassle of organising order forms for a single bulk order

- ensures a consistent and professional image for the club, the team, club members & it's supporters

- members able to make a purchase any day of the year

- the ability to offer a wider range of products, colours and sizes

- no more waiting weeks for bulk orders

- effortless club kit ordering & distribution

- club tour products

- commission earned on every sale

 - easy fundraising and stress free revenue source

- no more having to order, manage and store boxes of stock

- artwork already originated for any subsequent bulk order that might be required

- MyClubStuff does all the work!


The type of products and the range that you would like to sell, is entirely your choice.  If you are unsure and would like some inspiration, just take a look through our catalogue here. 

It doesn't just have to be kit, you can include gifts, accessories, a supporters range, the possibilities are endless.  That's the beauty of not having any minimum quantities or having to buy the stock, you have so many more options

Don't be concerned if you don't see what you would like, just let us know what you need.  We are updating our range all the time and you may find that we just haven't got around to adding it yet. 


Product Catalogue

  • Bags & Luggage Thumbnail

    Bags & Luggage

  • Gifts & Accessories Thumbnail

    Gifts & Accessories

  • T-Shirts, Vests & Polos Thumbnail

    T-Shirts, Vests & Polos

  • Outerwear Thumbnail


  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts Thumbnail

    Hoodies & Sweatshirts

  • Headwear Thumbnail


  • Sports & Activewear Thumbnail

    Sports & Activewear

  • Shorts & Pants Thumbnail

    Shorts & Pants

  • Fleece Thumbnail


  • Workwear & Uniforms Thumbnail

    Workwear & Uniforms

  • Shirts & Blouses Thumbnail

    Shirts & Blouses

  • Children Thumbnail


  • Knitwear Thumbnail


  • Create Your Own Thumbnail

    Create Your Own

Sports Fan Gifts

  • Angry Golf Ball Golf Towel Thumbnail
    from *
  • Cricket Fan Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Rugby Fan Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Cyclists Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Golf Lighter & Hip Flask Thumbnail
    from *
  • Rugby Players Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Runners Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Cycle Travel Bottle Thumbnail
    from *
  • Snooker Fan Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Lucky Golf Ball Golf Towel Thumbnail
    from *
  • Cricketers Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Sports Calendar Thumbnail
    from *
  • Personalised Shoeshine Kit Thumbnail
    from *
  • Golf Fan Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Race Fan Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Darts Lighter & Hip Flask Thumbnail
    from *
  • Personalised Bowls Towel Thumbnail
    from *
  • Horseracing Fan Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • No.1 Angler Mug Thumbnail
    from *
  • Gym Bag & Pencil Case Thumbnail
    from *
  • Football Lunch Bag & Bottle Thumbnail
    from *
  • Night Before Christmas Book Thumbnail
    from *
  • No.1 Footballer Mug Thumbnail
    from *
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