How it works - For You

Step 1

You select your products to be customised from our catalogue and we set up your e-commerce website

All items are displayed on your website with your designs, logo or branding

step 2

Your products are decorated, priced by you and will then be available for sale from your website

You set your own profit margins

Step 3

You can see details of all orders placed, from your own website back office

We also provide monthly sales reports or  you can download reports whenever suits you

step 4

We receive your customer's order details direct to our workshop for processing.

We handle every aspect of each order and you don't need to be involved  

step 5 

We customise the items ordered , then package and ship direct to the customer

This is all managed by us, leaving you to manage the rest of your business 

step 6

Your profits are paid back to you then at the end of every week or month.

As your customer pays us the price you have set at Step 2, we deduct our cost price and you receive the balance

How it works - For Your Customer

Step 1

Your customer visits your website

This can be your existing website, or the one that we have created for you

step 2

They browse your catalogue

All items are shown with your designs, logo or branding

Step 3

They select their products

The products that you have selected, customised and priced

step 4

They pay using your website's shopping cart

There is no outlay for you at any point, as the customer has already paid us

step 5 

We customise the items ordered, then package and ship direct to the customer


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